Feel the excitement of the early years of space epoch, touching genuine devices operated in space and then returned to Earth, in the unique documents on cosmonauts, spacecraft designers, foremost scientists.

The museum has been inaugurated at solemn ceremony on June 27, 2001 in the territory of Garni space
astronomy institute. In Garni center under the direction of Grigor Gurzadyan space observatories ORION
have been created, over 40 cosmonauts have passed their pre-flight training there. This activity,
however, remained largely unknown to the public due to the secrecy of Soviet epoch.

The exposition of the museum includes unique items of early space epoch created in Armenia: a
genuine landing capsule returned from space, other items operated in space, replica of space
observatory ORION-2 being exhibited in EXPO-2000, Hanover, other devices operated at space
experiments. Also, the exhibition includes remarkable documents associated to early space research
and space flights, handwritten documents by Soviet cosmonauts, designers of spacecrafts VOSTOK,
SOYUZ and scientists, as well as of NASA astronaut and the designer of American spacecraft. Among
the precious documents exhibited in the museum is a handwritten draft article by Nobel laureate Hans
Bethe, a German-American physicist, a key figure in the creation of the first nuclear bombs; the article is
written together with Grigor Gurzadyan.

In 1995, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz discovered a planet outside our solar system, an exoplanet, orbiting a solar-type star in the Milky Way.  They were able to observe 51 Pegasi b, a gas giant orbiting a star 50 light-years away.

Космонавт-астронавт Салижан Шарипов (полеты: NASA, Space Shuttle, STS-89, "Мир", 1998; "Союз", Международная Космическая Станция, ISS-10, 2004-2005гг.) посетил Музей Космоса.

Сотрудники и учащиеся образовательного комплекса полиции РА посетили музей в день космонавтики, 12 апреля 2017г.

Полная серия фотографий, видеорепортаж.

The museum with essentially enriched exposition was reopened in Yerevan on November 28, 2015

Museum Board
Professor V.Gurzadyan, Dr A.Kashin, Dr A.Zakharyan, K.Bayramyan, Dr H.Khachatryan

Engineering City
Nor Nork District,
Yerevan, Armenia.

Tel: +37410 343965
Organization of visits for tourist groups and educational institutions: +37499 086088