The landing capsule (the original) of the rocket observatory K-2 launched in 1962 via ballistic rocket P-5B to 500 km altitude from Kapustin-Yar base.









Space astrophysical observatory ORION-2 (copy) launched onboard spacecraft SOYUZ-13 in 1973. This copy has been exhibited at EXPO-2000 in Hannover.

Focusing and stabilisation device of the Astron satellite, 1983.

ORION-1 space astrophysical observatory (copy) launched onboard the first space
station SALYUT-1 in 1971.





The test model of space observatory DRAGON, 1974.


Various exhibits, including the film cassettes used in space, the helmet and
the onboad journal of cosmonaut Valentin Lebedev used at 1973 SOYUZ-13 flight.

Certain items, including solar and stellar detectors and sensors,
used for rocket observatories K-2,3 in 1960s.






Stabilized platform of rocket observatories; this item was launched 3 times
to 500km altitude in 1960-80s.


PROCYON: Solar Lyman-alpha camera. Launched onboard satellite Kosmos-309, November 12, 1969 from Pleseck. An autonomous satellite “Nauka” with this camera was separated and landed. 

General view of the museum hall.

First visitors of the museum in Garni, 2001.


Schoolchildren visiting the museum in Garni.